The most unusual betting markets at Pinnacle

This article provides an overview of the quirky and sometimes odd betting markets that you can find on the Pinnacle website. Read on for everything from the marble races to the Mars landings.

Most gamers are in a unique position as all the sports they have studied, analyzed, and bet on are suspended and will not resume for the foreseeable future. This unprecedented situation means that many people are starting to ask the same question: what can you bet on?

First, it’s important to understand that if people are serious about betting, they probably aren’t betting on anything (unless one of the markets available is their specialty). This is because the information available to these players for profit cannot simply be transferred from one sport to another.

However, entertainment bettors may be interested in some of the available betting markets, as these markets are entertainment. These markets are so specific and offered in such relatively small quantities that while you can make money from them, they are likely to remain entertaining.

Marbula One

Date: April 4-5

The final race of the first season of the marble racing series Marbula One, the number one competition in the world of marble racing, will kick off in Midnight Bay, home to the midnight wasps. “Hazers” can win the Championship with three finishes in the top, at the same time, you can once again bet on the fact that the “hornets” will again be outsiders.

Will the Hazers win the tournament?

Marbula One Leaderboard


Team Points
1st Hazers 90
2nd Savage Speeders 76
3rd O’rangers 69
4th Team Galactic 64
5th Snowballs 50
6th Thunderbolts 47
7th Green Ducks 46
8th Mellow Yellow 44
9th Team Primary 42
10th Balls of Chaos 36
11th Midnight Wasps 34
12th Team Momo 31
13th Rojo Rollers 31
14th Limers 25
15th Raspberry Racers 21
16th Hornets 8

If you want to take things a little more seriously, then of course you can analyze the results of recent races, learn more about the Marbula One format by visiting the official website, subscribing to Twitter news or using the marble racing subreddit. But don’t forget that these are just little balls rolling along a path.

NBA 2k Player Tournament

Some of the leading NBA players compete on the virtual floor for the NBA 2k title with a $ 100,000 charitable donation. In the first round matches, Kevin Durant will face Derrick Jones Jr., Trey Young with Harrison Barnes and Andre Drummond with DeMarcus Cousins.


Will a human foot be able to step onto the surface of Mars by January 1, 2025? Which organization will land a man on Mars first? Will a group of ten land on Mercury by 2029? Predict the future of space travel with these entertaining bets.

When will the Premier League return?

Many people around the world are eagerly awaiting the resumption of major national football leagues such as the Premier League, which was suspended on 13 March. Now you can be aware of the date on which the Premier League restart is scheduled. Bookmaker Pinnacle offers to place bets on this market.

Virtual Formula 1

Date: April 5

In the virtual Grand Prix of Vietnam, the Renault team is considered the favorite in the fight for pole position. Renault driver Guanyu Zhou will strive to cement his victory at the virtual Bahrain Grand Prix.

Relocation of major football tournaments

While national football leagues are still going through a period of uncertainty, major international competitions, due in a few months, have been pushed back to next year. This gives the domestic leagues more time to complete the season.

Pinnacle offers betting on these markets. You can already look forward to Euro 2021 and Copa America 2021 with long-term bets on the winner.

US Elections 

The current US President Donald Trump has an unusually high odds of winning the upcoming 2020 elections, with a coefficient of 1.86. In bookmaker lines, this is definitely one of the markets where current events can have a significant impact on the outcome. Can you assess how Donald Trump is running the country during the coronavirus pandemic? Does it raise or lower his chances before voting?

Next US Presidential Election

Trump The Field
50.67% 49.33%

Majority victory

Trump Biden
30.46% 69.54%

Bookmaker Pinnacle offers bets on the US presidential election, even by state. Thus, you can observe what is the probability of victory of a particular candidate at the national level.

Ultimate Quarenteam

This major FIFA tournament features 128 professional football clubs playing against each other online, one representative from each club. Betting on this event should be interesting, considering that both virtual FIFA professionals and professional football players compete in it.

Many clubs have attracted 128 members representing Ajax, Manchester City, Roma, Mansfield and others.

Players like Todd Cantwell of Norwich City and Andros Townsend of Crystal Palace represent their teams. While esports professionals from FC Nantes and Manchester City are some of the favorites. Can one of the real professionals beat their virtual colleagues?

Sports you may have missed

While the major sports leagues have been on an indefinite hiatus, some previously unpopular sports have a chance to come to the fore. One of these sports is table tennis with the Setka Cup tournament. Setka Cup is the main event in table tennis at the moment.

Games in Setka Cup are fast and dynamic. In this competition, fights at four tables take place simultaneously. Daily mini-tournaments are organized with the participation of both semi-professional and professional athletes.

NFL MVP regular season

The NFL is one of the largest sports leagues in the world that has not yet been hit by Covid-19. The reason is that the tournament should not start until September. Regular Season and Super Bowl Winning bets are a regular offer in this market. Currently, one of the interesting markets available to players is the MVP award.

Will a Super Bowl win be enough for Patrick Mahomes or will he complement it with the MVP title? The probability of such a development of events is estimated at 4.86. Can Lamar Jackson get the MVP title in the regular season? Does Tom Brady have a chance to win individual trophies with his new team? Players already have the option to place long-term bets on the NFL in the Pinnacle BC line.


It’s been over a decade since BC Pinnacle started offering esports betting. Known as the pioneer of esports betting, Pinnacle delivers the best esports betting and more titles with more titles than anyone else. Since these competitions are either online or can be transferred from LAN to online, they are inherently continuous.

The halt to standard sports has led to a dramatic increase in esports betting among traditional sports betting. While esports is a unique market that takes time to understand, it quickly gained value from players. Pinnacle currently has CS: GO, League of Legends and Dota betting and a wide selection of eSports articles to help beginners learn more about the rapidly growing popularity of eSports.

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