The most common betting mistakes

This article describes the most common mistakes made by sports bettors. After reading it, you will hopefully be able to gradually get rid of most of them.

Problem finding value

Finding a value is not just determining whether team A or B will win a match. In fact, everything is much more serious: good players must be able to calculate the probability of team A winning, convert it to the corresponding coefficient, compare the resulting value with the coefficient offered by the bookmaker’s office, and only then, if there is a discrepancy between these two values ​​in your favor, make the desired bet.

At the same time, in order to make a forecast more accurately than that of the bookmaker, only subjective opinion is not enough (team A will win because it is stronger, or because it needs points, or because it is simply obliged to win “against these bow-legged “, etc.). It is necessary to use the entire available array of information on this match: statistics of past results, head-to-head fights of two meeting teams, information about injuries and substitutions, about the weather, about the referee, etc. Only then can you find the correct value.

Error in choosing a bookmaker

Betters are offered their betting services by a great variety of bookmakers, both of which have been operating in the market for a long time and have created a certain name and reputation for themselves (positive or negative is another matter), as well as relatively new ones. Despite the fact that, as in any field of activity, these companies sometimes have different approaches to carrying out their work, each of them assures that it is “the best” and offers various promotions and other preferences to attract new clients and retain old.

In the meantime, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to determine which bookmaker gives players the most benefits. These include:

  • Access to the best odds on the market;
  • Unlimited bet limits;
  • No blocking of gaming accounts for successful players, including so-called “arbers”.

Bookmaker Pinnacle fully complies with the listed requirements.

At the same time, if you regularly make a profit by placing bets in one of the bookmakers offering various kinds of free bonuses, freebets and similar things tempting at first glance, be prepared for the fact that over time your bets will be limited to minimum limits without explanation (this is the best case), or your account will eventually be completely blocked. If you also place arbitrage bets (in a simple way called “forks”), blocking will follow very quickly, and even other similar bookmakers will add you to their blacklists.

Also, do not forget that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. All these supposedly “free” bonuses are already initially included by the bookmaker in their own margin, so the office will definitely not be left behind. Unlike you.

Opt out of the bid management method

First, let’s define:

Bet Sizing Method is a method of calculating the appropriate amount of money to be wagered in order to consistently generate profits as part of a sports betting strategy.

Many betters, even quite experienced ones, do not know how or do not want to properly manage their own bankroll. One of our future articles will be devoted to the methodology of managing the size of bets, for now we will say that even in the case of a positive expectation of each of the bets you have placed, you risk gradually going into the negative if you do not learn how to correctly determine the size of bets.

The problem of subjective opinion

Often the mistakes of many bettors lie in the field of psychology. On a subconscious level, we sometimes deviate from rational behavior when placing bets, which ultimately leads to losses.

One example of this is the excessive tendency of bettors to confirm their own point of view. For example, a player thinks that team A is the favorite in the match against team B. Of course, she won five head-to-head matches in a row! At the same time, the bettor is completely oblivious to the current form of both teams and does not notice that Team B looks much better in recent games.

There is also a so-called binding effect. It consists in that. that the better subconsciously primarily relies on the information he received first. However, imagine that in a short period of time, information was received about injuries of one or two top players from a team that initially looked like a favorite. Obviously, this will most likely affect the outcome of the game, but the bettor ignores this fact – and loses.

Thus, the rejection of objective judgments and logical reasoning can mislead you and cause you to make decisions on rates, focusing on your own subjective opinion, and not on informed conclusions.

Loop on losses

Many bettors know that the intuitive desire to avoid serious losses is stronger than the desire to get tangible benefits from placing bets. In fact, this is another subjective factor that directly affects the better’s result.

Don’t think that betting professionals never lose. Their plus is that they win more often. However, they also have a streak of losses: in this case, experienced players use the methods already mentioned above for managing the size of bets in order not to lose their entire bankroll.

Convenient rates

Many inexperienced bettors place bets only because they feel comfortable – for example, their favorite team is playing, or the match is broadcast online, and thus ignore lucrative opportunities in the market. Here, of course, we do not mean those players who place bets solely for pleasure, and not in order to profit in the long run.

Thanks to the development of various gadgets, the emergence of a variety of mobile betting offers, players can have access to online bets almost anywhere and at any time. Therefore, it is an unforgivable mistake to ignore some sporting events in favor of others, more “convenient”.

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