The main intrigues of the Biathlon World Cup: preview of the competition

The main event of the 2020 biathlon season is the World Championships in Antholz. Who will be stronger: Johannes Boe or Martin Fourcade? Who will prove themselves in women’s competitions? What are the long term bets to play?

From 13 to 23 February, all the attention of biathlon fans will be focused on the Italian village of Antholz (Anterselva), where athletes will compete for 12 sets of world championship awards. We suggest that on the eve of the start of the tournament pay attention to some of the features and trends of the tournament, the main intrigues and expectations of bookmakers.

Highlands in Antholz

When choosing bets on events in Antholz, you should take into account that there are highlands here. Biathlon teams hold preparatory camps at a height in order to get in optimal shape for the main start of the season. However, the factor of height, lack of oxygen affects both shooting (in recent years, it was in Antholz that the lowest percentage of shooting accuracy) and during the course on the track (at long distances, there are obvious failures among biathletes, when they literally stop on the track and hardly finish race).

Who should you pay attention to based on performances over the past three years in Antholz? Who feels comfortable here?

Men will have no equal to Johannes Boe

For Johannes Boe the height of Antholz is not a serious obstacle. The Norwegian biathlete has five victories here over the past three years. In the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 seasons, Johannes Boe scored a double, winning the sprint and pursuit. There is no need to doubt the current capabilities of the Norwegian. In the current season, the biathlete has won two sprints and two victories in pursuit races. In these disciplines, one should, first of all, expect Bo’s victory.

Long-term rate: Johannes Boe will win the sprint race at the World Championship with odds 1.80 at BC Fonbet.

The French men’s team traditionally performs successfully in Antholz. Moreover, success is present not only with the team leader Martin Fourcade. We should also pay special attention to Quentin Fillon Maillet . The biathlete is second in the overall World Cup. In the previous three seasons, Fillon Maillet has three hits in the top three in Antholz. Moreover, it turns out to be the most successful in mass starts: second place in the 2016/2017 season and last year’s first place. The last mass start of the current season in Pokljuka remained with Kanten.

Long-term bet : Quentin Fillon Maillet in the mass start at the World Championship will take place from 1st to 3rd with odds 1.85 in BC 1xBet.

Women’s unpredictability at the World Championships

In women’s biathlon, this is not the first season, there is no clear leader. So, at the last world championship in all personal disciplines, gold awards went to different biathletes.

This season, the Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff leads the overall World Cup standings. We managed to get things right with shooting (84.3% of accurate shots), and Tiril always had no problems with speed on the track. The biathlete in the World Cup won two sprints and three pursuit races. In these disciplines, where shooting is not always the forefront, Eckhoff will have good chances for gold.

Long-term rate : Tiril Eckhoff gold medals (excluding relay races) TB 0.5 with odds 1.80 in BC Fonbet.

Last year’s World Cup overall winner Dorothea Wierer will play at the home world championship and will try to please his fans. Wierer is currently second overall in the World Cup, 15 points behind Eckhoff.

For the entire time of his performances at the world championships, Wierer has only one gold medal in the mass start of Ostersund in 2019. In Antholz, Dorothea often climbed the podium at the World Cup stages, but was able to win only one race (pursuit in 2019). In the current season, the most successful was to perform at the starting stages of the World Cup in Ostersund and Hochfilzen (three won races). After winning the Hochfilzen sprint, Dorothea has not won a single race.

We should also mention the Swedish biathlete Hanna Oeberg . The athlete knows how to bring herself to the main starts of the season. In 2018 she took gold in the individual race at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. She also won the individual race at the home world championship last year. At the last stage of the World Cup in Pokljuka, Oeberg was second in the individual race and won the mass start. In races with four firing lines, Oeberg is capable of a lot.

Long-term bet : Hannah Oeberg will finish 1st to 3rd in the individual race at the World Championship with odds of 1.75 in 1xBet.

Prospects for the Russian team at the Biathlon World Championship

In the Russian men’s national team, the main hopes are associated with the possible success of Alexander Loginov . The biathlete has last year’s silver medal in the sprint of the World Championships in Ostersund. However, you should be careful when betting on Alexander in Antholz. Here in the mountains, Loginov has not the best results. For the two previous seasons, I have never entered the top three in any of the races. The best result is last year’s 7th place in the pursuit.

Perhaps, the Russian biathletes will please in the relay. At the last World Championships in Ostersund, they were able to win bronze medals. However, in the current season, the men’s team has never entered the top three in relay races. Again, we have more questions than answers.

Russian women are doing even worse than men. Experienced Ekaterina Yurlova-Perkht is only 26th in the overall standings of the World Cup. Young and promising Mironova, Kuklina, Reztsova lack stability. Svetlana Mironova pleased with her third place in the Hochfilzen sprint, but then seriously slowed down. The overall indicator in shooting 72.2% clearly does not give grounds to count on success.

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